In the Field

What follows is a collection of photography featuring our customers in the field. This project is dedicated to our customers and the tradition of ultralight mountain hunting. Enjoy it, share it, and be a part of it. Send photos and field notes to:


Scott Harris from Idaho made a great 40-yard shot on this buck on the last day of his Nevada Archery Mule deer hunt.

Chris Stone’s 2014 opening day with a heavy Northern California blacktail. He wore his KUIU Attack Pant and Merino wool Shirt in VIAS camo during his hunt.

John Mogle of Hunting Illustrated shot this great Sable in Mozambique with his Fierce Edge rifle.

Trevor on his Chamois hunt on the south island of New Zealand with Shaun Allison and Exclusive Adventures New Zealand.

Alaska is definitely an adventure I’ll never forget.- Dallas Hemeyer

I had a great trip across the pond to see our neighbors to the east. Each hunt was unique in the country and terrain! The most difficult was the Irish Ibex which was my main reason for going on the trip. I have been fortunate enough to see some of the toughest Mountain Ranges in the world and although Irish Mountains aren’t high in elevation, (1000m) the terrain is as tough as it comes! I wore the tiburon pants, Yukon gaiters, and guide jacket on the exterior. My guides and hunting partner who did not have KUIU at the time were blown away when they were walking behind me and looked down to see my paper thin pants shedding water and being able to walk through the rain soaked ferns while their pants were soaked all the way through. Needless to say they both said they would be getting some KUIU gear! It’s a joy to spread Kuiu nation to different parts of the world! Keep up the great work guys!
Tj Sanchez

Jed Jone’s first ever Antelope!

My buddy and I knocked down two caribous on opening day of the season. It was my first field test of my KUIU gear. (Attack pants, Yukon gaiters, merino top, Yukon Jacket, Icon cap, and Ultra 6000 pack). All performed flawlessly. I was especially impressed with the pack - I loaded over 100 lbs of caribou on my back and hiked 3+ miles back to camp.

Terry McElrea took the better part of opening day on his DIY rifle New Mexico Gila elk hunt with his son and ended up with this mature bull.

About 24 hours later his son took a great 6x6 with devil points. They both said that this New Mexican hunting experience was a truly epic father and son experience of a lifetime.

Tyler Hunt hunting for antelope in Nevada!

Brandon Clines hunting for Coues Deer in Arizona.

TJ Sanchez hunting the slopes of New Zealand in the winter.

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