In the Field

What follows is a collection of photography featuring our customers in the field. This project is dedicated to our customers and the tradition of ultralight mountain hunting. Enjoy it, share it, and be a part of it. Send photos and field notes to:


Luke Berman shot this impressive moose on a recent hunt in Alaska that he won in one of Huntin Fools giveaways.

Chuck Brewer with a big Colorado bull.

Philip Barry with his Northern California B-zone blacktail.

John Bielak of Whale Tail Outdoors harvested this Mountain Goat in Colorado unit G15 during the second rifle season.

Kevin Clerkin of Whale Tail Outdoors harvested this great Mule Deer on public land in Western Colorado during the early September rifle season.

Diana Rupp, Editor in Chief for Sports Afield Magazine took this awesome Ibex in Kazakhstan.

Greg took this impressive Canadian Moose last week.

Todd Freitag took this bull on a recent hunting trip to Wyoming.

Heather Wilson of No Limits TV took this nice Moose with her bow.

Cory Smith spent 8 rainy days in the British Columbia and harvested this Billy Goat.

Frederick Durst shot this Alaskan moose on his 60th birthday!

Benjamin Sykora harvested this 6x6 bull.

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