In the Field

What follows is a collection of photography featuring our customers in the field. This project is dedicated to our customers and the tradition of ultralight mountain hunting. Enjoy it, share it, and be a part of it. Send photos and field notes to:


JT Dufva’s awesome Colorado Bighorn Sheep

Jonah Stewart’s Dall Sheep

Jay Presti shown with Crystal Gibson of Blue Collar Adventures TV Show shot this great Whitetail in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago.

Jack Brittingham’s amazing 5x6 bull that harvested in on his recent Colorado Elk hunt.

Landon Sherwood took this Utah B&C Billy on a DIY hunt at almost 12,000ft.

Rainy Weather. Wyoming 2014

Ian Chappel on a mule deer hunt in Arizona.

Philippe Resenterra took this 2½ year old male chamois.

Sara Mackie shot her first elk with a bow at 18 yards on a DIY hunt in Southern Montana.

Robyn Waldrip‎ took this Elk at only 4 yards in New Mexico this past week.

Allen Sullivan’s 147 Mountain Lion.

Allen Sullivan’s Fallow Deer that he harvested in Colorado.

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