In the Field

What follows is a collection of photography featuring our customers in the field. This project is dedicated to our customers and the tradition of ultralight mountain hunting. Enjoy it, share it, and be a part of it. Send photos and field notes to:


Mark Petersen killed this great Rio on a recent Texas hunt

Alexis S. Camia

Mark Petersen with a Mouflon taken this February in Spain

Earl Petersen with a great Gredos Ibex taken this February in Spain.

Got this North Carolina mountain turkey wearing my 185 zip-t and my 185 beanie. Thanks for great products and customer service
Mark Valentine

Utah Merriam’s

WA late season archery

Dave Garcia with a nice CA gobbler.

John West South Carolina archery gobbler

Brian Rimsza

Brian Rimsza, with a Arizona Archery Merriams Turkey with his Elite Bow

Jarett DuMoulin

Jarett DuMoulin

Remote tent camp in the Adirondack mountains of northern New York
Jarett DuMoulin

My name is Jarett DuMoulin and my friend in the photo is Ryan Ramsey. We hunt out of a remote tent camp in the Adirondack mountains of northern New York. You have to hike and also paddle multiple bodies of water to reach camp. I love your gear,I have the guide dcs jacket, guide pants and guide beanie. I will be buying more!

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